My First Week On A Bike

Posted by Denee Dautel on

Last week we started biking as our full time transportation option in Grande Prairie, Alberta. There are many options for alternative transportation in Grande Prairie but this is the one I have always wanted to do. Although, it seemed like a great idea, it does have some drawbacks. Our first week started great with:

Day 1: 9.6 kms from biking to the gym then a friends house then back home.

Day 2: 14 kms from biking to the library then the bank then Mom and Tot class then a friends then home again.

Day 3: Local forest fires made the air quality 2. So, it was not possible to take the bike as my toddler riding behind in the trailer was a no go health-wise.

Day 4: Local forest fires made the air quality 21. So, again we could not bike as being outside was advised against health-wise.

Day 5: Was our grandma visit day so biking wasn't an option, as it is 175 km round trip and I am not that fit haha.

Day 6: My father came to visit so we didn't leave the house.

Day 7: My husband is sick, so again we did not leave the house.

This week was eye opening, as I had not taken into account the environmental factors and how they would affect our travels. I knew that rain would slow us down but didn't think about heat stroke/exhaustion and air quality, as forest fires have been on the rise here the last few years.

So, taking that into account here are some of my tips that have helped us these last few days:

1. Try to bike from 8-11 am and 4-7 pm as its way too hot to ride from 11-4 pm.

2. If you feel tired or dizzy pull over and go into a store or sit in the shade for a bit and drink tons of water. Getting dehydrated is way too easy.

3. Google Maps lies with the time it will take to travel via bike. Their numbers must be from a super fit cyclist because their 17 min trip takes me 30 mins. So just take extra time into account when leaving for your destination.

4. Enjoy the ride. Hearing my son giggle as we go over bumps and waving at passing drivers melts my heart every day. I'm so focused on getting where i'm going and this kid is pointing out birds and really enjoying the whole experience. So enjoy the ride like a toddler.

5. Invest in a good seat. I am a bigger girl and my husband had to buy me a gel seat cover and wow did it make a difference. Worth every penny.

All I can say is with the few drawbacks I can honestly say I love this change more than I expected and its really allowing me to enjoy summer more. If you have always wanted to try biking I would say give it a go even if you end up not liking it, it's still a heck of an experience.

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Anyway ta-ta for now and so long till next week.