The Big Switch to Low Waste

Posted by Denee Dautel on

We are a family of 3 and although we don't have much waste in our household just due to our family size, we have decided to try and eliminate even more. First let me tell you about my family. My name is Denee Dautel. I was born and raise in a local small community just outside of Grande Prairie, Alberta. My husband Mike moved here 6 years ago from Ontario and through a mutual friend we met and decided to start a family. We are going on 5 years together and now have a 19 month old son, who is the light of our lives. He was 12lb 11oz and 2 weeks overdue at birth and every bit a crazy toddler now.

We recently bought a house in GP and although it fit our budget after living in it for a year we noticed it did not fit our lifestyle. We use about half of the house on a regular basis and the other half is only for my store and when visitors come over, which is pretty rare as most of our close circle live in Grande Prairie. So, we decided it was time for a change. Now before you go off and think we are a bunch of hippies let me tell you this. My husband is a Journeyman Electrician in the Oilfield. I own a first aid company that also works in the Oilfield. We love and support Alberta Oil and Gas, as it is what I grew up on and have always known as part of my life. 

Now having said that, recently it has been made public that we have only 12 years before we reach the NO RETURN point for our environmental damage. This news is what made our family decide to make the switch. We know it will not be possible for us to be completely zero waste or even to have a negative eco footprint. We are still bound to try and reduce ours by about 50% over the next year. I will be showing you what products we sell and use as a family. As well as, how it benefits or hinders our family life. All products we sell are closely investigated to ensure the environmental impact is either zero or low to ensure the best quality products with the least amount of waste. We do not expect anyone or ever ourselves to be zero waste and perfect. My mission is just to make it easier to access and use the products to reduce your wastes and try to have some fun while doing it, without breaking the bank. Each little bit helps and I would love to show you, how our little swaps help reduce our family's garbage and food waste over this next year.

I will be posting every week on Monday either to show how we used a product or how we made a small change to be more environmentally friendly.

Some follow my blog to get updates on our years change to zero waste and actual product reviews.

See you soon,